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Why Communication Skills are Important for You

You may think that having communication skills is simply the ability to pass and receive information. To have effective communication skills is far more complex than that.

Sure, you can convey a message and receive one, but is your skill effective?

As a leader, you are someone in charge of a team. It is your responsibility to invoke desired change in them.

For your team to listen to you, get the right message, and act accordingly, you must have top-notch communication skills.

Do you see why effective communication skills are essential for your leadership?

Not yet convinced? Let me give you more reasons as to why you should have these skills.

Why You as a Leader Should Have Effective Communication Skills

1. It is critical for good leadership

A good leader is often praised for their excellent communication skills. Whenever such a leader speaks, people hang in by every thread of their words.

One of the leadership communication skills is the ability to listen. A good leader listens and gives back the response needed.

Listening means you are truly interested in what your team needs and are ready to help them.

Possessing this skill hence makes you a good leader. Don’t you want to be a good leader?

2. Helps invoke the desired result

One of the most important roles of a leader is to influence change or convince them that a specific choice is better than the other.

Being able to get the attention of the people you communicate with, is the first step to influencing them as desired.

Do you want your employees to be more invested in their work and do better? Do you want to convince a specific group of people to vote for you?

Having effective leadership communication skills will help you get through to them.

Now that you have seen why it is essential to have these skills, here are important facts about leadership communication.

Important Facts about Leadership Communication

1.  Authenticity is paramount

A classic example of this is the former USA first Lady, Michelle Obama. Her authenticity could be felt by everyone, it earned her their respect.

She was authentic to an extent people felt the other former first lady, Melania Trump, copied her inauguration speech.

How you communicate as a leader will reveal how authentic you are.

2. Listening is a powerful skill

A leader who does not listen cannot respond right. The more you listen, the better you are going to perform as a leader.

Do not just rely on second-hand information. Have one-to-one conversations with the people you lead. This will not only improve your performance but also build better relations with your people.

3. Visibility is a form of communication

Your presence will communicate to your team about the kind of leader you are. People love the visibility in leaders as they feel they can reach you at any time.

If you become absent, there will be no fruitful communication between you and your team. Be available and consistent.

As you have seen, your leadership performance relies majorly on your communication skills. To achieve the leadership success you want, you must sharpen your skills.

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