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Title: Review and update of the Clinical Guidelines (CG) for Management and Referral of Common Conditions Vol.1-3

1.0. Background

The Technical Assistance (TA) Support for the project from WHO to the Ministry of Health (MoH), Kenya will be based on and follow the procedural framework for such support from World Health Organization (WHO).

Clinical Guidelines (CG) are important for cost-effective case management and rational use of medicines and other Health Products and Technologies (HPT). To keep pace with ever changing technology and new evidence and developments in case management, CG are supposed to be reviewed and updated at least every two (2) years.

The Kenyan editions of CG Vol. 1-3 were last updated in 2011 and therefore are now obsolete.

With the recent introduction of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Kenya, it will be prudent to review and update all tools necessary for guiding health care service delivery such as the CG, Kenya Essential Medicines List (KEML), Kenya Essential Diagnostic List (KEDL), Guidelines for establishing and operationalizing Medicines and Therapeutics Committees (MTC) amongst others. The structures for reviewing and implementing the tools mentioned above will have to be fully operationalized.

In undertaking both the tools review & updates and structural systems strengthening, MoH will continue to partner with all the relevant stakeholders, including WHO.

1.1. Objective

The objective of the initiative/project will be to review and update the CG Vol.1-3 of 2009 and to develop new editions by June 2021.

2.0. Scope of Work and expected outputs

2.1. Scope of work

Under MOH direct supervision and leadership, the consultant will work with the teams on the following areas:

· Liaise with the designated focal person(s) from the Ministry of Health, the National Medicines and Therapeutics Committee (NMTC) and the Technical Working Group (TWG) in the review process;

· Coordinate the teams and specialists in developing the three volumes of the Clinical guidelines;

· Collect, review and analyze all the necessary documents and materials for the review process;

· Analyze and advise on the international and national level approach for review and update process for CG;

· Carry out sufficient stakeholder consultative processes to obtain feedback and inputs for the review process;

· Organize/Participate in internal and external meetings for the validation of the process and the drafts;

· Develop a draft for each of the milestone of the process accomplished;

· Prepare a detailed report for the review process indicating lessons learnt, challenges and recommendations for future reviews.

3.0. Academic and Experience Requirements:

3.1. Functional Knowledge and Skills: –

· Knowledge of design, structure and requirements of an evidence based clinical guidelines

· Knowledge of the Kenya Health System and service delivery structures including levels of care and financing mechanisms

· Capacity to interpret available scientific evidence and provide evidence-based recommendations

· Organizational skills, with ability to work to and meet deadlines

· Attention to detail and accuracy

· Written and verbal communication skills

· Interpersonal skills with ability to work in a team with multiple stakeholders and independently

3.2. Education Qualifications

Essential: A university degree in medicine and a master’s degree in a medical related specialist field, or in public health from a recognized university.

3.3. Experience

Essential: At least 5 years of experience working in clinical or public health settings.

Desirable: Working experience in development of related guidelines for the Ministry of Health, WHO, other UN agencies or other recognized national and international organizations.

3.4. Languages: Excellent knowledge of English.

3.5. Expected deliverable/Outputs

Ready for print new editions of 2021 of the Clinical Guidelines (CG) for Management and Referral of Common Conditions Vol.1-3

4.**0. Duration of the Work**

Two (2) months, equivalent to 60 working days from the date of signing the contract. Extension may be granted for One (1) month/30 days.

A Final draft of the Clinical Guidelines must be presented to the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Health by 30th May 2021.

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