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Training Consultant Job Feed the Children


Feed the Children is an international non-profit relief organization that was founded in 1979 with headquarters in Oklahoma City, United States of America. In Kenya, Feed the Children (FEED) was registered in 1993 under the Non-Governmental Organization Coordination Board Act. FEED’s first program in the 1990s was the Dagoretti Children Centre (DCC) which assisted children who were physically challenged. Consequently, the organization’s programs have grown significantly in both sectors and geographical areas covered with more focus on development programs.

Currently, FEED implements Child-Focused Community Development (CFCD) program model in three counties-Kajiado, Turkana and Samburu. CFCD model is composed of four program pillars: Food & Nutrition, Health & Water, Education, and Livelihoods. These pillars form the foundation of the organization’s work, allowing it to equip parents, communities, and schools with skills and knowledge to raise well-nourished and thriving children.

FEED is a member of SUN Civil Society Network (SUN CSN). SUN CSN is made up of national and international organizations working in various fields, including women’s empowerment, humanitarian-aid, trade unions and many others. The primary purpose of SUN CSN is to support the formation and effective and efficient operation of strong, credible and influential national Civil Society Alliances (CSAs) for the long-term. The SUN CSN has been actively supporting the CSAs as they become established, providing support for challenges and conflict resolution as well as facilitating the access of funding. In addition to financial resources received through the Multi-Partner Trust Fund grant, the CSN benefits from a number of in-kind supports from its members and supporters to enable these provisions.

As part of the CSN Innovation & Research Fund, the SUN Civil Society Network Secretariat launched a call for applications for the 2020 SUN CSN MEAL & Sustainability competitive grants. The initiative offers 3-month grants with a budget of 5,000 USD, to foster CSAs’ Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, Learning (MEAL) and Fundraising skills. The main goal is to develop CSA MEAL and fundraising capability through exploring/enhancing new approaches and strategies.

Project description

FEED has been implementing adolescent nutrition campaign activities in Kajiado county. The campaign targets adolescents in school and out of school-with nutrition messages and Life skills lessons Infused through Care Group approach and School Health and Nutrition Clubs in 30 schools and 8 Care Groups.

Aim of the project

The aim of the campaign is to build resilience and strengthen self-reliance of adolescent girls through advocacy and nutrition education.


· To reduce early and unintended pregnancy from the current 20% to 15% by 2021.

· To promote optimal nutrition for pregnant adolescents.

· To reduce the risk of stunting growth for the unborn child among pregnant adolescent girls from 25.3% to 20% by 2021.

· To improve multisectoral initiative for life skills education within 30 FEED partner schools in Kajiado County by 2020.

· To develop lifestyle Nutrition education for improving adolescents’ health.

Objective/purpose of the consultancy/services

To strengthen the capacity of FEED team on Qualitative Impact Assessment Protocol QuIP) by means of developing, delivering and facilitating a 5-day training.

Scope and extent of work

The consultant will undertake the following tasks:

· Train the FEED team in the QuIP methodology.

· Develop the QuIP study data collection tools -Questionnaire and Focus Group Discussion guide in Kajiado.

· Develop the QuIP analysis strategy.

· Develop protocols for recruiting the QuIP research team.

Qualifications or Specialized Knowledge/Experience Required

· Master’s degree in the social sciences, Economics/Statistics or related fields relevant for the assignment

· Must have experience in conducting and managing QUIP studies.

· At least 5 years of research and other relevant professional experience

· Expertise in qualitative methodologies.

· Excellent facilitation and coordination skills

· General understanding or experience with nutrition

· Knowledge of general context, including relevant languages.

· Excellent communication, analytical and writing skills.

· Demonstrated ability to deliver quality results within strict deadlines.

· Cultural awareness and sensitivity to gender issues.


The consultant shall deliver the following:

First set of deliverables to be submitted two weeks prior to commencement of the training:

· Overall training plan & justification of the methodology & duration

· Detailed Agenda for the 5-day training

· Training modules and handout materials for participants

· Power point presentations, videos, forms, exercises, etc. for training sessions

· Background reading material for the participants.

· Developed evaluation-templates for gathering training feedback.

Following the review of the first set of deliverables, the consultant will provide a second set of deliverables:

· Facilitation and delivery of the training session

· Incorporation of the feedback from participants in the final version of the training materials.

· Data collection tools- Semi structured questionnaire and focus group discussion guides

· Data analysis plan

EXPERIENCE (6 marks)

No. of similar assignments by consultant in the last 24 months

Has the consultant developed/carried out similar work in the last 24 months?

  • (2 marks) No. of similar tasks completed in the last 24 months
  • (2 marks) Experience of the lead officer(s) on this assignment
  • (2 marks) Referees – at least 2 professional referees listed


Technical Proposal

How well does the consultant understand the TORs and their interpretation of the same:

  • (10 marks) Objectives, Scope of work, Terms and deliverables
  • (5 marks) Proposed Methodology, documentation of development
  • (5 marks) sample of Creative and layout of previous work

Does the consultant have the below qualifications/specialized knowledge or experience?

  • (5 marks) Master’s degree in the social sciences, Economics/Statistics or related fields relevant for the assignment
  •  (5 marks) At least 5 years of research and other relevant professional experience
  • (5 marks) Expertise in qualitative methodologies
  • (5 marks) Experience in conducting and managing QUIP studies.
  • (5 marks) Excellent facilitation and coordination skills
  • (5 marks) General understanding or experience with nutrition
  •  (2 marks) Knowledge of general context, including relevant languages.
  • (3 marks) Excellent communication, analytical and writing skills.
  • ( 5 mark) Cultural awareness and sensitivity to gender issues.

WORKPLAN (4 marks)


How well has the consultant thought out the process in terms of:

  • (2 marks) The flow of the document
  • (1 marks) Allocation of time to drafting of Sample documentation Plan
  •  (1 marks) Resources required listed

BUDGET (30 marks)

Financial Proposal/ Budgets

Normalized Price Score = Lowest submitted Total Cost x 30

Submitted total cost by bidder


(OUT OF 100)

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