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Topup Mama Special Projects Job

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About the role 

We’re searching for a highly qualified Special Projects Leader to work closely with our CEO. From day one, the Special Projects Leader will immediately impact our productivity, streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and communicating objectives between departments. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in a business management role, with a particular focus on executive-level advising and interdepartmental collaboration.   

Objectives of this Role

  • Spearhead special projects: lead a metrics overhaul, do customer research on an adjacent business opportunity, run an acquisition process, and lead the search for an executive hire.
  • Manage priorities: do calendar audits, review and synthesise metrics/ initiatives to support company priority setting.
  • Oversee staff/internal operations: prepare agendas, take notes, and assign action items at weekly staff meetings; manage the OKR and annual planning processes, support with board meeting prep, create decision-making frameworks and manage.
  • Investor relations support: Prepare first drafts of monthly and quarterly board decks and prepare investor materials.
  • Sparing partner to the CEO: Ensuring we are ruthlessly prioritising the company’s time on activities that drive our north star metric forward.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities

  • Planning and administration. Assuming ownership of back office tasks such as internal target setting, tracking company objectives and results, legal, HR and other administrative tasks and strategic project management.
  • Serve as liaison between staff, executives, senior leaders, and CEO regarding company climate, employee well-being, project updates, proposals, and planning.
  • Assist the human resources department with new hires, including documentation and onboarding, and collaborate to address and resolve all employee concerns
  • Build and develop relationships with all employees for increased efficiency and effective responsiveness into existing operations, and help to define new operational strategies, working with CEO and executives on special projects
  • Serve as a subject matter expert, handling inquiries, developing action plans to address them, and assisting with preparing and disseminating communications.

Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+ years in a business or executive management role
  • Proven experience organising and directing multiple teams and departments
  • Excellent communicator in written and verbal form
  • Extremely versatile, dedicated to efficient productivity
  • Experience planning and leading strategic initiatives

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with data analysis
  • Experience with budget management
  • Consulting experience with a focus on operations management
  • Proven success in a project coordination role
  • Nimble business mind with a focus on developing creative solutions
  • Strong project reporting skills, with a focus on interdepartmental communication

How to Apply

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