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Role Profile: Training & Compliance Officer

Job Summary

As a resourcing officer, your job is to work with the line managers to analyse departmental business requirements, identify skills gaps within the staff establishment, and work with the relevant parties to equip knowledge, practical skills and motivation required to carry out their work activities effectively. You will take a strategic approach to training, assessing the skills and knowledge within the organization and determining what training are needed to grow and retain these skills.

As a Safety officer, you will support a safe work environment by maintaining OSH administrative processes, conducting basic OSH training and effectively using a range of OSH tools and processes to implement OSH programs and drive compliance

Key Responsibilities Resourcing Officer

  • Identify training and development needs within the organization through job analysis, appraisal schemes and with regular consultation with line managers and human resources departments.
  • Design and expand training and development programmes based on the needs of the organization and the individuals.
  • Work in a team to produce programmes that are satisfactory to all relevant parties in the organization, such as line managers and senior managers.
  • Consider the costs of planned training and development programmes and keep within budgets.
  • plan and assess the ‘return on investment’ of any training or development programme
  • develop effective induction programmes for new staff, apprentices and graduate trainees
  • monitor and review the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers
  • devise individual learning plans
  • Support line managers in conducting performance reviews.
  • produce training materials for in-house courses
  • create and/or deliver a range of training using classroom, online and blended learning
  • manage the delivery of training and development programmes
  • ensure that statutory training requirements are met
  • evaluate training and development programmes
  • amend and revise programmes as necessary, in order to adapt to changes occurring in the work environment
  • help line managers and trainers solve specific training problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups
  • devise a training strategy for the organization

Key Responsibilities as a Compliance Officer

  • The safety officer is responsible for ensuring the safe and effective operation of any and all areas and facilities in the organization
  • Identify and assess hazards, risks and control measures for a specific operation or process.
  • Assessing risk and possible safety hazards of all aspects within the organization.
  • Conduct ongoing review of operations and processes to identify potential hazards, risks and control measures that should be implemented to reduce these risks, including all costs involved in implementing such measures.
  • Assess and document hazards, risks and controls in a manner consistent with established procedures and practices.
  • Health officers carry out investigations on incidents, complaints, and recurrent health cases to identify and provide solutions to workplace situations.
  • Monitor the safe handling, storage & disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Ensure that all company employees meet all OSHA requirements.
  • Facilitate OSHA training to employees within the different section as necessary.
  • Participating in continuing education to update knowledge of health and safety protocols and techniques
  • Creating analytical reports of safety data
  • Ensure that health, safety, and environmental policies are followed.
  • Investigate causes of workplace accidents and injuries and refer them to the proper authorities.
  • Creating safety plans that include suggested improvements to existing infrastructure and business processes
  • Finding the best way to prevent future accidents
  • Reviewing and reporting on the staff’s compliance with health and safety rules and recommending commendations or dismissal based on performance
  • Usually, safety officers maintain accurate records of incidents and inspection findings in order to prepare reports useful in taking strategic safety decisions. They prepare and mount safety signs at appropriate locations to indicate potential hazard


  • Degree in Business administration/HR
  • Diploma in Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in in staff resourcing with in-depth understanding on performance management.
  • Minimum of 3 years hands-on experience in developing safe operational strategies and solution to minimize work place incidence in a busy organization setup
  • Problem-solving Skill – ability to provide solutions and resolve issues within the organization
  • Attentive to details
  • Ability to prioritize activities and multi-task
  • Analytical skills
  • Sense of initiative

How to Apply

Send CV to [email protected] by 30th March 2022. Clearly indicate the job title “Training and Compliance Officer”

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