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Senga Sales Associate Job

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Sales Associate June 2022 

About the company 

Senga is a Nairobi-based technology-enabled logistics company that is transforming how goods  are moved across Africa. 

Our environment 

We are a young, agile company going after a large opportunity and we aim to be the best technology-enabled logistics company in Africa. We are trying and testing new things which  means that our environment is ambitious and unpredictable. A dynamic nature is required of each  team member. 

We expect each Senga member to be a key contributor to the company and to persistently aim  for excellence. 

Your key role in sales 

You will introduce Senga to new customers across the country. You are a great listener and a  warm, knowledgeable voice. You have high emotional intelligence and are able to hear what isn’t  said. You are organized. You are a persistent go-getter and do not need supervision (you are a  self-starter). Our customers will count on you and have full confidence in you. Our customers feel  taken care of when interacting with you. You will always go the extra mile to ensure that their  needs are understood and served. You are flexible and build productive, trustworthy relationships  with them. 

  • You must have a verifiable track record of out-performing in your previous role(s) o You must have excellent verbal and written communication skills to communicate  with customers and Senga staff. You must demonstrate this in your application o You have good mathematical skills to apply to customer requests  
  • You do not require supervision but know when to seek help 
  • You are interested in the logistics industry and in solving its challenges o You learn quickly  
  • You have high integrity; complete honesty with the customer and the team is  critical to our long-term success 
  • You will respond to customer requests quickly 
  • You will be the voice of the customer 
  • You will offer feedback to the company in other areas such as operations o You will meet key sales performance targets  
  • Travel is required 


University graduate or diploma holder with 2-10 years’ experience (start-up experience a plus but  not required). We don’t focus on your field of study – just your dedication, integrity, dynamic  nature, and ambition. Sales experience required; metrics of performance against target in current  or previous roles must be provided in the application. Strong preference for candidates who have  worked in FMCG, logistics, or retail, in sales roles. 

How to Apply

As we grow, your efforts will be duly rewarded. As much as you will be a partner in our growth,  we will be a partner in your development, too. We are building a world class company and we  can’t wait for you to join us. If we sound interesting to you, please email us at  [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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