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Job description

R&D forms a critical part of developing improvements to our processes and products. The Trial Associate is a technical hands-on role that leads the set up, execution and preliminary analysis of the investigations, tests and trials we conduct in order to develop new processes and products.

The R&D Trial Associate role is responsible for:

  • Support in design, execution, and analysis of trials for project workstreams.
  • Assist in troubleshooting process and product-related issues within the workstream.
  • Ensuring challenges are identified with the R&D trial processes, suggest solutions and aid in implementing these improvements.

Key duties and responsibilities:

Project management

  • Support an assigned project workstream
  • Lead the trial planning and execution for projects, including securing all resources required for trial success
  • Inputs to project timeline, budget and risk management plan
  • Coordinate cross-functionally¬† for the successful implementation of trial elements of project plan (for example, with Operations, Logistics and Design)
  • Support stakeholder management through stakeholder engagement, interviews, presentations and updates
  • Input to project learnings and evaluation documents
  • Inputs into near term planning Weekly Update Meeting with the R&D team
  • Create and maintain work planning for 2 week time horizon for all trials and activities requested by R&D teams in work area
  • Requests resources or support where project progress is slowing or roadblocked
  • Draft summary reports and findings for trials executed

Product and process development

  • Contributes ideas towards improving profitability and product quality in the assigned work area
  • Contribute towards development of new products and improvement of existing process

Execution of trials

  • Supports design of and leads execution and analysis of trials in technical workstreams
  • Ensures relevant stakeholders are involved in trials, including preparation, execution, wind-down and communication of results
  • Executes trial protocols, reviewed by the project lead
  • Coordinate trial execution, data collection, logistics, wind down and analysis
  • Ensures trial protocol is executed as per design, with issues escalated and resolved where possible
  • Completes data entry, data cleaning, observations, preliminary analysis and descriptive statistics and results for trials
  • Contributes to findings in post-mortems
  • Input into pre-trial surveys as per the R&D ways of working to proactively identify risks and opportunities with respect to answering research questions
  • Use basic analytical and statistical (quantitative and qualitative) approaches to capture and process experimental data

Systems and processes

  • Identifies and escalates issues in trial and R&D processes that reduce the quality of work and speed of execution
  • Inputs suggestions for improvement to R&D trial, planning and analysis systems

Quality support

  • Support RCAs focused on product issues in own work area

Operations support

  • Actively interact with the Operations team to identify issues in production early for mitigation

Professional development

  • Initiate, attend and contribute to update discussions (with the project and team lead)
  • Initiate feedback discussions with team lead & stakeholders
  • Identify own professional development needs and seeks opportunities/executes agreed actions, including training, coaching, mentoring and workplace activities
  • Initiate development discussions with team lead and skip level management
  • Initiate and lead prioritization discussions

Team development

  • Share subject matter knowledge with R&D team members by taking part in brain-storming sessions as requested
  • Provides feedback to operators during execution of trials to improve trial success
  • Provides feedback to peers, manager and skip level management to improve overall R&D team performance
  • Participates in team activities

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