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Safaricom Project Manager Job

We are pleased to announce the following Project Manager Opportunity in Project Management Chapter within the Digital IT & Networks Departments.  In keeping with our current business needs, we are looking for a person who meets the criteria indicated below.

Brief Description

Reporting to the Program Manager, the position holder will provide project support in the management and execution of projects. They will coordinate and manage assigned Projects to ensure implementation within agreed timelines, budget and processes.


  • Project Planning
  • Determine project goals and or product or service deliverables to meet stakeholder expectations.
  • Identify performance criteria
  • Determine the key resource requirements to support planning and decision-making.
  • Define appropriate estimate project schedule to support decision-making.
  • Produce formal document to obtain an approval decision from the stakeholders.
  • Refine project requirements, assumptions and constraints
  • Develop the resource management plan
  • Refine project estimates in order to determine and define project baseline, schedule.
  • Establish project controls by defining the required correct processes, measures, and controls to manage project change, communications, procurement, risk, quality, and human resources to facilitate project executing and controlling processes, and to ensure compliance with generally accepted industry standards.
  • Develop a formal and comprehensive project plan by integrating and documenting project deliverables, acceptance criteria, processes, procedures, risks, and tasks to facilitate project executing, controlling, and closing processes.
  • Obtain project plan approval by reviewing the plan with the key stakeholder and other required stakeholders to confirm project baselines prior to proceeding with project executing processes;
  • Project Execution
  • Commit project resources in to ensure that all activities are performed.
  • Develop project plan in accordance to the scope and committed resources
  • Manage project progress by ensuring that activities are executed as planned in order to achieve the project objectives.
  • Communicate project progress by producing project reports to provide timely and accurate project status and decision support information to stakeholders.
  • Implement quality assurance procedures by performing  project control activities to meet project objectives;
  • Project Control
  • Measure project performance.
  • Take timely corrective action by addressing the root causes in the problem areas in order to eliminate or minimize negative impact.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the corrective actions by measuring subsequent performance in order to determine the need further actions
  • Ensure compliance with the change management plan by monitoring response to change initiatives in order to manage scope.
  • Reassess project control plans by scheduling periodic reviews in order to ensure their effectiveness and currency.
  • Respond to risk event triggers in accordance with the risk management plan in order to properly manage project outcomes.
  • Monitor project activity by performing periodic inspections to ensure that authorized approaches and processes are followed or to identify the need for corrective action; 
  • Projects Close Out
  • Obtain final acceptance of deliverables by obtaining formal approval from appropriate stakeholders to achieve closeout.
  • Document lessons learned by surveying project team members and other relevant stakeholders to use for the benefit of future projects.
  • Facilitate administrative and financial closure in accordance with the project plan in order to comply with organization and stakeholder requirements.
  • Preserve essential project records for future use to adhere to legal and other requirements.
  • Release project resources by following appropriate organizational procedures in order to optimize resource utilization.

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