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Safaricom Cluster Graphic Design Job July

 As M-PESA continues to grow the requirements for marketing and communication material has increased significantly with the number of financial products and services that available. M-PESA   is 100% agile and hence all support functions must also be nimble with the ability to pivot to market requirements. An in-house graphic designer working closely with the creative agency will give Financial Services the ability to communicate and market our products and services in the agile model more effectively.

 The incumbent will be primarily responsible for supporting the Financial Services (FS) tribes in development of design material in collaboration with the assigned creative agency. They will guide and produce a consistent design aesthetic (with the support and collaboration of the assigned creative agency). They will produce simple material for use in all FS products such as mobile apps digital assets, FS internal and external presentations, collateral, digital assets etc. Internal and external communications will also be guided by the incumbent to make sure design collateral is consistent and congruent. The incumbent will advise and guide the UI/UX tribe + agency on design principles and brand guidelines to be adhered to for all FS products and solutions.


  • Brings design guidance to help match the functionality and benefits of our products and services to our customer’s needs
  • Applies knowledge of design and craft to help FS excel from end to end in customer’s journeys and experience.
  • Conceptualize visuals, prepare rough drafts and present compelling design ideas based on requirements
  • Create and design various materials for print and digital collateral
  • Ensure projects are completed with high quality and on schedule
  • Prioritize and manage multiple projects within design specifications and budget restrictions
  • Perform retouching and manipulation of images
  • Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software
  • Develop and guide external messaging design aesthetic (This can be supported/in collaboration with an agency)
  • Create and manage all templates for FS, review communication material for internal and external dissemination (in collaboration with Brand)
  • Collaborate with events team on all FS events to reflect the design aesthetic that elevates Mpesa’s brand


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