Revealed! Employers Are Searching For Candidates With Applicable Working Skills.

Jobs In Kenya
Jobs In Kenya

According to a survey conducted by the Federation of Kenya Employers in December 2018, 76% of Kenyan employers plan on retaining their employees over the next three years. Consequently, this means they are not interested in hiring fresh graduates.

In the report, employers note hiring new employees takes up a lot of time and company resources. They have to dedicate time to advertise and conduct interviews, and when they get the right candidates, they spend up to three months training them into their roles. This is a cost employers do not want to incur unless the candidates are highly qualified and have an understanding of the required roles and responsibilities.

There are two ways to look at this data.

The first angle to view this is from an employee’s point of view. This is good news for employees as it implies increased job security.

However, it also means employers are more willing to hire you if you are well versed with the position you have applied for. Job seekers with the relevant skills are more likely to get absorbed into the workforce.

Picture an accountant, for instance. If a company already has an accountant but s/he do not know how to file for taxes or NHIF and NSSF on iTax, the employer could resort to getting an accountant with these skills.

As an employee, if you want to have  job security, work towards attaining the relevant skills needed to work effectively in your field.

As a job seeker, you should use your time attaining these skills. Not only will you have an upper hand over other job seekers, but you might also end up replacing an employee who doesn’t have these skills.

The second angle to view this report is from the fresh graduate’s position. In the aforementioned report, only 12% of fresh graduates have relevant training pertaining to their fields.

Look at it this way…

Employers have to invest between 20,000 and 100,000 training a single fresh graduate for over a period of three months.

With the current financial constraints, few employers are willing to take up this task. As a result, you –as a fresh graduate, have to task yourself with acquiring these skills.

If we are to continue with the accounting example illustrated earlier; a fresh graduate who has skills in using computerized accounting software such as QuickBooks and Excel will automatically have an advantage over other graduates –and existing employees, who do not possess these skills and competencies.

Moreover, many courses and trainings are cheaper for individuals than they are for organizations. You can utilize this opportunity to get ahead in your field.

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