Restorative Justice Consultancy Job CEFA

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Jobs In Kenya

Closing date 27 November 2020

Starting date: ASAP

Expected Timeframe for the Assignment: The assignment will begin as soon as possible and terminate on June 2021

Report to: PM and Technical Activity coordinator

Project name: APRIRE – “Foster care, prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration to guarantee a future to vulnerable
children in Kenya”

In collaboration with the CEFA Project Manager (PM) and under his supervision, the Consultant will provide support to the PM on implementing the AICS (Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation) funded project APRIRE, with due respect to CEFA’s rules and regulations.

CEFA – the European Committee for Training and Agriculture (Comitato Europeo per la Formazione e l’Agricoltura) is an Italian NGO, which was established in 1972 and is currently active in 10 countries across Africa and Latin America. CEFA lays its foundation on the principles of solidarity and cooperation between the different regions of the world in the name of Justice, Human rights and peace. CEFA believes in the development of communities and local institutions, aiming to improve families’ living conditions and communities’ economies through capacity building, awareness raising and advocacy for the protection of vulnerable person’s and their fundamental human rights.

Areas of Responsibility and Deliverables

Supporting the establishment and the launch of an African platform for juvenile and restorative justice in collaboration with existing councils on juvenile justice and with the European Forum for restorative justice

The objective of the African Council of Juvenile Justice (ACJJ) will be to establish a coordinated forum for actions among different stakeholders and experts in development and enhancement of adherence to principles of juvenile justice in adopting good practices among council members, advance joint proposals development, share researches and reports, disseminate knowledge and expertise on sector best practices.

  • Creation of the network for an African platform for juvenile and restorative justice: in collaboration with Cefa staff the consultant will support in the selection of the countries and the stakeholder (African and European) to be involved, which will be contacted and engaged. The proposed intervention will support the creation of this network, with the aim of facilitating the exchange of experiences at both African and global levels.
  • The consultant will support the organization of a dissemination webinars/meetings (the best methodology will be decided among project’s partners) where juvenile Justice System experts/professionals will convene in order to carry out advocacy/discussion toward the adoption of good practices in the juvenile justice sector. The purpose will be to gather African professionals and European experts ( as well as from the judicial sector, public administrations, Universities, and CSO’s ) with the goal of creating occasions for exchange of good practices; the creation of the ACJJ; the definition of the mandate of the ACJJ.

The mandate and the structure of the ACJJ discussed during the meetings in order to define the main priorities (TOR)/mandate and the agenda of the sector, as well as a specific focus on deinstitutionalization and implementation of diversion and restorative justice practices in juvenile justice. This ACJJ will aim to exchange experiences, best practices, and lessons learned, in order to ensure the protection of the rights of children in conflict with the law, beyond national borders. The ACJJ will be an international, regional committee on Juvenile Justice, similar to the ones already in place in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Asia.

The previous developed Pan-African Research will also be presented and during the meetings and will generate feedback in order to draft a Handbook on application of Restorative Justice Practices in selected African Countries.

· Revise and finalize the Pan African Research to have a user friendly presentation before publication.

· Prepare local conferences and stakeholders engagement forums for presentation of materials for dissemination purposes among stakeholders.

Handbook consolidation on Lessons learnt and Recommendations

The consultant will consolidate in a practical handbook (to be used at Kenya level and acknowledged by Kenyan stakeholders) gathering the experiences arising from the dissemination of the Pan-African research, the Training Manual (previously developed); the feedback from the conference; experience gathered from project field level implementation of diversion and restorative justice; existing policies at Kenya level; the resolutions of the newly formed ACJJ.

Specific focus of the Handbook will be devoted to systematize a functional model of: broad application of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), legal aspects of Restorative Justice, establishment of state and non-state engagement structures that will ensure access to ADR and RJ services and not limited the effective implementation of Restorative Measures, establishment of clear monitoring of strengths, weaknesses and bottlenecks for application of broad ADR approaches and finally clear recommendation for actions needed in advancing and promoting RJ reforms in Kenya.


· BA Degree in Law/Criminology/Social work/ Sociology/Psychology or other related fields

· At least 3 years of relevant working experience in Child Protection or Juvenile Justice

· Previous working experience in the Juvenile Justice and Restorative Justice
· Knowledge of Kenyan and African juvenile justice context

· Computer literacy

· Fluent in Kiswahili and English