Talent Recruitment Manager Jobs at Nova Pioneer

Nova Pioneer is looking for a superstar Talent Recruitment Manager who can manage our recruitment efforts to support our rapid growth as an organization. This is an opportunity to create a transformative brand with the future of Africa’s youth at stake.

Talent Recruitment Manager Job Responsibilities

Recruitment & Selection

  • Manage a portfolio of open positions across the organization.
  • Develop a thorough strategic plan for reaching all recruitment and hiring goals.
  • Liaise with school leaders and hiring manager to design and execute a year-long hiring plan.
  • Set up the processes and systems that enable efficient hiring for each role.
  • Develop and implement a clear analytics strategy and approach towards recruitment using data at all time for decisoning
  • Refine pre-existing (and develop new) selection tools to ensure alignment between how we hire and what’s needed for each role.
  • Manage other team members to fulfill each step of the process.
  • Support Hiring Managers in making final hiring decisions


  • Design and implement innovative ways to attract and source top talent to the organization.
  • Increase local and international awareness about Nova Pioneer and the career opportunities available.
  • Plan and host outreach events at school campuses and attend events hosted externally.
  • Develop strong relationships with stakeholders and establish partnerships to expand reach.

Qualifications for the Talent Recruitment Manager Job

  • At least 5-7 years’ experience in recruitment, institutional e.g. school-based recruitment
  • You have a proven ability to build strong relationships across diverse audiences
  • You are extremely detail oriented and can manage a lot of moving parts at once
  • You strive for excellence in every detail of your work and inspire and challenge everyone around you to do the same
  • You take pleasure in excellence more than credit or status
  • Our culture resonates deeply with your values—and in particular, you are excited to challenge yourself by taking risks and getting more feedback than you’ve ever gotten before
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent in a related field, required

How to Apply

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