Lead Researcher Job, Other Professions,

You’ll have

  • Over seven (7) years of experience in a research firm. Specific attention will be paid to your hands-on experience running qualitative and quantitative projects.
  • Experience with social listening research using tools such as (but not limited to) Brandwatch, Sprinklr, Synthesio, Sprout Social, among others.
  • Experience pitching and selling research services. Tailor-making your offering and options to the heart of the problem for the prospect or customer.
  • Presentation experience sharing insights in working sessions with senior leaders on the client side.
  • A portfolio of research projects that demonstrate the breadth of your skills with specific contributions in active roles on those projects.
  • A network of collaborators and partners to call upon for different short-term research assignments depending on the scope at hand.
  • Relevant training, certifications, and examples of enhancing your personal and professional development as a researcher.

You’ll be

  • Curious – you pose questions, frame and reframe issues, and can keep pushing to unlock game-changing insights.
  • Coordinated – you’ll have a knack for attention to detail when it comes to delivering plans. You’re as familiar with leading people as you are rolling up your sleeves and getting the job done without hesitation. You focus on organizing yourself, your team and the priorities and resources to get the job done.
  • A Leader – you will bring the experience of being considered a key resource person by peers and colleagues with core responsibilities. This means you have directly engaged clients, spent time as the primary point-of-contact, delivered solutions, managed a team, and been responsible and accountable for results.
  • A Problem Solver – you’re able to take challenges and propose ways to unlock value from them. This can manifest in several ways, for example, solving when hiccups hit a project, e.g. in recruitment or responding to last-minute adjustments to the project scope.
  • A Lifelong Learner – you’re constantly learning and refreshing your practices to stay current with best practices.

You’ll do

  • The creation and contribution to business development pitches (for prospective clients) and final presentations of findings (for existing clients).
  • The preparation and delivery of project plans. You will use available resources to prioritize and schedule timely delivery based on the brief and objectives.
  • Co-creation sessions with prospects and clients. Some clients haven’t framed the research question and require some engagement and stimulation. You’ll know how to support this critical business development function by contributing to crucial meetings.
  • Cross-tabulation and analysis of data in Excel. You can take raw data in Excel and tabulate/analyze it to unlock findings and create dynamic means of presenting the outputs.
  • Contribute thought leadership for Nendo in its trend reports and public-facing research experiments.
  • Creation and proofing/editing of reports and proposals going out to clients.
  • Conduct internal training(s) with the team on topical issues from time to time.
  • Mining of insights (be it social listening, for example, where you may end up rewriting/editing the boolean queries or comparing/contrasting data to spot patterns). You’ll focus on what lessons and takeaways can be discerned from the data and synthesize for insights – pushing your colleagues to do the same.
  • The review and improvement of processes and ways of working at Nendo.
  • The leading and coordination of in-person (with COVID-19 protocols respected) or virtual (Zoom/WhatsApp) focus group discussions.
  • The leading and coordination of in-depth interviews.
  • The leading and coordination of quantitative studies alongside consultants and partners.
  • The selection and engagement of part-time in-country researchers & collaborators for different projects.
  • Coordination of learning of new tools, e.g. social listening platforms for client projects.

How To Apply

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