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Learn How To File Taxes & QuickBooks Usage & Other Practical Accounting Skills In ONLY 5 Days

Why Theory Alone Won’t Get You Far

The other day Robert sent me an email stating the following (with his permission).

“I graduated from campus two years ago. Since then, I have only done one 6 months internship in the first half of 2017.

Unfortunately, during my time here, I was never exposed to Practical Accounting skills such as, How to input entries in QuickBooks, do Online Payroll processing, file payroll statutories including P.A.Y.E, N.H.I.F, and N.S.S.F, I-Tax V.A.T returns. How to prepare V.A.T and Withholding tax returns (W/tax) among so many others.

I only did Petty Cash management which is not enough considering I have been out in the job market for 2 years now.

This has made it harder for me to get a job as an Accountant because when I attend Interviews, the employer dismisses me because I don’t have the needed experience.

I was browsing through your website the other day and saw that you are offering a 5-day QuickBooks practical accounting skills and how to file takes training.

I must say that this is the training for me and the fact that I will get a certificate after this will help me land a good job in my field.

Please sign me up!”

Robert’s story is one that relates with so many Accountants, perhaps including yourself.

You are at a place in your career where you having been experiencing a difficult time getting a good job as an Accountant.

And the reason for this is because you don’t have the practical Accounting skills that employers are looking for.

Or maybe you’re working in an Accounting department but you are not exposed to duties such as doing the bank reconciliations, filing taxes and so on.

Better yet, you may simply be an entrepreneur who is looking to know how to do your own tax filing, petty cash management and payroll processing.

If any of these three scenarios and you want to become a competent accountant in ONLY 5-days, then you must attend this practical Accounting training stating on Monday, 5th to Friday, 9th August.

I’m sure you are asking yourself right now, why should I attend?

Will I really gain all the practical accounting skills I need in 5 days?

Let me answer your questions…Qui

You should attend this 5-day training for these 3 major reasons:

1. You will FINALLY gain the practical skills you need to land your next Accounting job

In case you didn’t know, Accounting is today one of the most saturated fields. Almost everyone is studying it in campus, has done or is doing their CPA.

So the question is, what makes you different?

It is your ability to prove that you can actually action what is on your academic papers. It is exposure and experience that matters.

Gone are the days when employers hire based on good grades alone. Theory alone will not take you far.

2. In 5 days you will become an expert in the latest version of QuickBooks

In today’s technological age, you have to keep up or be left out!

And that leads me to ask, are you conversant with the current accounting software’s we have and more importantly, are you conversant with the latest version of QuickBooks being used in most organization?

If not, then why not learn how to use it in only 5 days?

Makes sense right?

3. You will learn how to properly do month end account procedures, preparing year-end accounts, file tax returns and annual accounts, prepare management accounts and do tax planning

Yes, you will learn all these and so much more.

Otherwise why would you invest for a practical training to leave empty.

If you want to be a value add to your business, your employer or a potential employer, then having the right practical skills is the way to do it!

Showing and proving that you can do things like proper tax filling, bank reconciliations, petty cash management etc.

And on top of that, you prove you can do so with an accredited certificate of training!

Are you now convinced?

I certainly hope so!

Don’t let your lack of knowledge place you at a disadvantage in your career any longer especially when you have a proven solution.

So what do you need to do next?

Learn more about the amazing benefits of this training and book your seat here.

And I shall see you then!

Corporate Staffing Services Ltd., is a HR and Recruitment firm that offers trainings, interview and career coaching and CV writing services. To learn more about the QuickBooks Practical Accounting training among other trainings, email [email protected]

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