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KDIC Legal Affairs Senior Officer Job

Senior Officer, Legal Affairs Job, Legal Kenyan Jobs 2022, 

Department: Legal Affairs and Board Secretariat
KDIC Grade: KDIC 6

You will implement the strategies developed for the Legal Affairs department within the corporation in areas of Board Secretariat, Litigation, Conveyancing and Legal Advisory Services.
Key Responsibilities

  • Coordinating activities of external court process servers to ensure effective services of court documents to minimize chances of postponement of court proceedings and prolonged litigation.
  • Coordinating meetings for negotiators of complex agreements involving the DGM-L &BS, the Manager Legal and offering secretarial services at those sittings.
  • Implement the legal registry and documents management system and facilitate safe custody of records of evidential value which may be transferred to the legal department for litigation purposes, enhance ease of retrieval of Board records, court documents and security documents for quick and effective corporate decision making and effective litigation.
  • Coordinating witness preparation and pre-trial briefings for all the in-house Advocates and drafting witness statements.
  • Developing implementing and monitoring Board of Directors travel and logistics system to a seamless logistics.
  • Holding periodic meetings with assigned Liquidation Agents to update the litigation portfolio for troubled institutions in order to monitor implementation of recommended legal strategies.
  • Effective drafting of pleadings for matters before the Chief Magistrates Courts whose value are below Kshs. 20 Million to capture the Corporations defence/claim in order to harness value from litigation process.
  • Preparing reports on the status of the case management system, which includes updates form external legal counsels, for matters before the Chief Magistrates Court whose pecuniary jurisdiction is below 20 million.
  • Carrying out review of grants and dispositions of public land to establish their legality or propriety.
  • Liaise with different court registries for retrieval and perusal of court files and newly released rulings and precedents to continuously inform departments litigation strategy.
  • Update and maintain the departments’ case file bring up system.
  • Maintain and operate the corporations centralized court diary.
  • Supervising the court process servers and approving Affidavits of service, (being evidence of proper delivery of court pleadings to litigants) before filing in court to ensure that proper litigants are well before courts of law.
  • Attending to land registry to monitor progress of conveyancing matters affecting the corporation and troubled institutions
  • Coordinate the identification of relevant CPD courses applications of practicing certificates and act as a principle liaison person with the LSK, ICPSK to ensure professionals are I. Good standing
  • Conducting searches at the land registry, presenting conveyancing documents involving the corporation for stamping at the Commissioner of Domestic Taxes and other tax agents, where called upon to ensure effective document registration.
  • Maintaining and updating the Board of Directors Bio data and preparing periodic reports to the SCAC, Inspector General State Corporations, Parent ministry and Head of Public Service to ensure that government records of the corporation are captured correctly.
  • Designing and monitoring a robust system for Custody of the departmental stamps and seals and record their use.
  • Attending court to procure counsels to hold the briefs of the as the case may be in order to backstop unnecessary adjournments of court proceedings involving the Corporation.
  • Perusing and analysing the daily court cause list and guiding the in-house counsel on listings as appropriate for effective management of the litigation portfolio and court attendance.
  • Conducting research on topical issues as assigned from time to time to ensure best practice and compliance with local and international standards.
  • Drafting of Legal Advisories and opinions on topical issues for continuous update of the corporation and troubled institutions.
  • Implementing departmental objectives as approved and in line with the Strategic Plan of KDIC.
  • Drafting contracts, memorandum of understandings, service level agreements in support of the contract management function.
  • Assessment of legal fees for matters before the Chief Magistrates Courts to ensure effective control of implementation of the legal budget.
  • Prosecuting and Defending matters before the Chief Magistrates Courts, Arbitration proceedings whose pecuniary value is below Kshs. 20 Million.
  • Conducting Pre- trial interviews to facilitate the handling of matters before Court.
  • Developing and updating the reporting tool used in the case management system.
  • Offer guidance in assembling and preparing bundles of court documents in line with court practice directions issued from time to time.
  • Drafting departmental standard operating procedures.
  • Review of the Kenya Gazette and preparing reports on issues affecting the operations of the corporation.
  • Collecting and compiling views on areas for review on legislation affecting the operations of the corporation.
  • Oversee extraction of Court decrees and rulings in liaison with different court registrars and court clerks and for prompt action by the corporation to ensure full compliance with court directives.
  • Present documents for court assessment ahead of filing and facilitate payment of prerequisite court filing fees.
  • Preparing documents for charging of staff securities to secure staff loans and mortgages.
  • Preparation of material for use in the induction and training of staff within the Legal Affairs and Board Secretariat Department.
  • Prosecutes and Defends matters before the Chief Magistrates Court or Arbitration proceedings whose pecuniary value is below Kes. 20 Million.
  • Prepares reports on the implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System.
  • Assess legal fees submitted by advocates for matters before different Courts
  • Tracking the development and amendment of laws before parliament and preparing opinions on their impact to the operations of the corporation.
  • Monitoring the departmental risks and preparing reports on the departmental Enterprise Risk.
  • Preparation of reports on compiled views on areas for review on legislation affecting the operations of the corporation.
  • Prepare reports on developments of laws through receiving perusing and analysing Court judgements and precedents issued from time to time.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Law (LLB) from a recognized institution;
  • Diploma in Law (KSL) and Advocate of the High Court.
  • Membership of LSK
  • Three (3) years’ relevant work experience preferably in Banking, Financial management, Conveyancing, Litigation, Board secretariat experience, strong regulatory and compliance experience.

Functional Attributes

  • Proficiency in computing skills,
  • Communication and Presentation skills,
  • Organizational skills,
  • Project implementation skills,
  • Financial management skills,
  • Thorough knowledge of litigation strategies, court processes and practice.
  • Prosecution skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management skills
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Proficiency in Computer applications

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