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Jobs In Kenya


Under the guidance and supervision of the Country Director, and in close collaboration with the Director of Human Resources in CARE Canada, the Human Resources Manager is responsible for the formulation and transparent implementation of HR strategies and the effective delivery of HR services. He/she will assess client needs, interpret and apply HR strategy and policies, rules and regulations, establish internal procedures and provides solutions to a wide spectrum of complex HR issues with inputs from the Senior Management Team. The HRM is a member of the Senior Management Team and will play a guiding role within the HR unit and country office to lead and support all staff within the organization.


1. Leadership

· As a Member of the Senior Management Team, the HR manager will help ensure that CARE’s programs maximize impact on women, girls, boys, and men in Kenya, and achieve standards of quality in operations

· Adhere to and be a role model for core values of respect, integrity, commitment and excellence

· Lead the HR working group, provide advice on personnel issues and report to the SMT.

· Participate in different consultative structures to foster effective decision-making and timely action to mitigate risks, prevent mistakes, and resolve problems.

· Travel regularly to sub-offices and project offices as a representative of the SMT to esure effective communications.

· Facilitate information sharing to promote improved knowledge and compliance, acceptance of responsibility, and capacity to effectively overcome challenges and manage changes.

2. Performance Management

  • Manage the country office performance management system, and oversee the ongoing performance management processes to meet annual deadlines.
  • Coach and support managers to performance manage their staff, ensuring that assessment of performance is objective and that poor performance is addressed appropriately.

· Providing support and advice to staff on individual operating plans IOP’s and target setting.

  • Compile at the end of each performance period, all performance ratings for Merit/COLA adjustments and other actions as necessary.
  • Ensure that all supervisors and managers are well versed through internal trainings on the performance management process.

· Ensure that the Performance Management is done in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Develop the AOP for the HR department in relation to CI, CC, CARE Kenya Strategies
  • Supervise HR Coordinators, Assistants, Officers, interns and other staff
  • Conduct timely performance feedback and annual appraisals for direct reports

3. Recruitment and Orientation

· Lead recruitment of competent high capacity new staff to join CARE Kenya

· Review requests for hiring new employees and ensure all required information is captured and that it is correct in line with policies and procedures.

· Participate and conductinterviews to select candidates for approved positions.

· Negotiate with selected candidates the appropriate remuneration and entitlements on initial appointment.

· Provide clarification requested on conditions of service, entitlement and benefits and ensure continuous feedback to concerned offices and staff members on status of recruitment.

· Ensure that all new staff undergo orientation and induction into CARE Kenya within 45 days of joining the organisation.

4. Discipline & Standards of Conduct

· Handle incident and accident cases, allegations of misconduct, cases of under-performance and indiscipline or breach of policy & procedure from client sectors and departments and advise best solutions in line with HR policy and legal provisions.

· Constitute Boards of Inquiry and investigation teams to look into reported cases and draw terms of reference for such teams.

· Lead disciplinary committees, prepare reports with recommendations for disciplinary action for approval by CD

· Undertake research, interpretation and analysis of rules and regulations and precedent setting policy rulings, for preparation of background information required for drafting cases for review and action.

· Liaise with CARE Lawyers and FKE on employment cases that have gone for arbitration in courts of the Labour department.

5. Occupational Health & Safety

· Ensure all CARE office locations are audited and issued with current Certificates of compliance in Occupational Health & Safety.

· Ensure all office have functional OSH Committees and that they meet regularly and minutes are present.

· Follow up with the OSH point persons on implementation of audit report recommendations.

· Draw quarterly reports on OSH activities and incidents.

· Ensure CARE OSH complies with the CK policy and legal requirement.

6. Job Evaluation & Compensation.

· Manage the internal process of evaluation all new and existing jobs in CARE Kenya.

· Participate and assist to Chair the JE Committee meetings and implement its recommendations.

· Ensure all positions have up to date job descriptions that are in line with JE requirements.

· Review the outcomes of JE and compare with internal salary trends etc.

· Participate in HR forums with other NGOs

· lead the response from CARE Kenya in annual salary surveys with peer organisations in People in Aid

Learning & development

· Review the annual and mid year appraisals to identify CO employee learning needs and develop an analysis list and share with departments and sectors.

· Verify training applications ensuring the courses are relevant and in line with the Training needs identified in the APA and midterm appraisals.

· Design, plan, monitor and provide orientation programmes for new staff and ensure the same is done in the sub and field offices by the HR point persons.

· Ensure that all learning programmes are evaluated.

· Follow up on NITA reimbursements.

8. Medical scheme –

· Ensure effective day to day management of the Medical Scheme.

· Administer the medical scheme in liaison with the medical provider and broker.

· Ensure all staff and dependants have medical cards.

· Follow up on members who are hospitalized till time of discharge.

· Advise the provider on all complaints or concerns received by members.

· Ensure all claims are followed up with the provider and cheques released to the members.

· Provide guidance and assistance to staff, on the policies, practices, and procedures applicable in administering the medical Plan.

9. Insurance GPA & GLI–

· Ensure effective day to day management of GPA & GLI**.**

· In liaison with the insurance providers and brokers, follow up on all claims for GPA and GLI benefits.

· Liaise with HR Coordinators and Heads of Field offices to emphasize the need to report all accidents and work related ailments to the insurer.

· Release payment cheques to staff and beneficiaries.

10. Final Dues& Clearance

· Ensure effective clearance from staff ending contracts with CARE and settlement of final dues.

· Ensure that all staff whose contracts have come to an end/terminated have been cleared through the clearance certificate and the same is forwarded to the payroll office.

· Once the final dues cheques have been received by the HR Assistant, follow up to ensure they are forwarded to the ex employees or beneficiary as the case may be.

· Ensure that all employees whose contracts terminate are issued with service letters.

11. Leave Management – Oversight HRIS

· Ensure effective leave planning by supervisors and management of leave in the CO, with minimal carry over and loss of unused leave.

· Ensure all employees complete their monthly PARs on line and follow up on odd cases or missing docs.

· Ensure a monthly leave data report is generated and distributed to management, sectors and departments for their action.

12. HR Records & Files – Oversight of the management of HR records, files and archives.

· In line with the filing policy, ensure that the HR Department filing system is in line with laid out standards.

· Each employee must have a file which should contain all documents as listed in the content document.

· All legal employment provisions are followed in filing and documentation including identification documents, photos, statutory documents, hiring documents and reports, etc.

· Confidentiality is maintained in HR issues

13. Development of HR strategies and policies

  • Update HR manual annually in collaboration with the Director of Human Resources CARE Canada
  • Implement HR policies and regulations and advice management and staff on their applications, taking into account their particular needs.
  • Participate in continuous analysis of HR strategies and policies, assessing the impact of changes and making recommendations on their implementation to the management.
  • Lead the development of procedures and practices that contribute to enhanced and improved HR Management for approval by the CD.
  • Ensure all policies comply with Kenya Labour Laws through consultation with authorities and lawyers when necessary.
  • Provide advice to management and staff on policies and on terms and conditions of employment.

14. Employee Welfare

· Manage welfare activities for employees. Arranges physical examinations, first aid, and other medical attention.

· Provide advice and guidance to staff, peers and managers on matters related to the application of the Staff rules and regulations, policies and procedures, interpersonal relationship, performance and career problems.

· Counsel employees on problems and grievances, and ensure confidentiality of issues discussed.

15. Pension Scheme

As a trustee of the pension scheme, provide information needed to the board of trustees and maintain confidentiality of employee information.

16. Employee Engagement

· Responsible for the implementation of a survey process and metrics that will enable CARE Kenya track employee engagement progress at both organizational, sector/ department and unit level.

· Produce organizational and Sector, department and unit reports that will help CARE Kenya track progress and create action that drives positive employee engagement.


¨ Masters degree in Human Resources Management or a first degree in Social Sciences with a post graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management

¨ At least 5 years relevant experience in an International NGO

¨ Membership certificate of recognized practitioner organizations such as IHRM

¨ Excellent knowledge of Kenyan labour legislation.

¨ Working knowledge of Ms- Office computer packages.

¨ Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills with ability to engage a diverse range of employees

¨ Excellent presentation and communications skills, written and verbal

¨ Excellent Knowledge of performance management and other HR processes