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How To Enhance Your Company’s Customer Service Efforts

Customer service, especially here in Kenya, is a field that is greatly lacking with many businesses. 

If you’ve heard about customer experience lately, that’s because more and more companies are talking about it. The customer experience is the emotions that the customer associates with a business. 

It also includes the interaction of the customer with your product or service and their interactions with any employee whether in-person or over the phone.

A positive customer experience has a direct relationship on client retention and referrals.

Companies willing to take up the chance and invest in offering better customer support through a customer service training will stand out in their customer’s eyes.

Here are four ways businesses can benefit from setting high standards for their customer service team.

1. Keep your Team Close for a Much Better Service

Keeping control over your customer service experience often means taking more control over the location of your customer service team.

We take pride in offering guidance on how to keep your customer service team in house and train each employee in active listening skills.

A customer service certification is an investment that has reaped rewards for many of our corporate clients. Because of this effort, the customer service teams of these companies have become a major point for finding new business from new customers.

2. Set Customer-Focused Metrics to Define Success

To preserve the customer experience, you want every call to end with the customer satisfied, or even delighted with the help they received. But there seems to be a gap between how customers and companies define a good experience.

Businesses may feel they are succeeding if they can keep certain metrics high. For example, short wait times when customers call. While these things are important, they are not that important to the client. It would be a better idea to help users more aggressively and even perform certain tasks on their behalf. 

It is better to stay on each call until every question is answered and every issue resolved no matter how long the call might take.

3. Remember Superior Customer Service Retains Clients

One reason customer service efforts are sometimes neglected is because they aren’t often reported as a reason new clients join up.

However, such companies are forgetting the major impact customer service can have on retention, which usually is more profitable in the long run.

What have the employees on the other end been trained to do? Do they know how to answer questions? Diffuse anger? Escalate issues to other departments? 

If You’re curious what the answers to these questions are, taking up a customer service course for your team should be the natural next step.

4. Always Support Your Customers

Customer service representatives are great for fixing a negative situation. But have you ever considered the potential your customer service agents have for preventing that situation from happening in the first place?

For example, emails are great but a customer’s only option shouldn’t be to just send an email and wait for a reply.

Make sure that a number to call is easily available for the customer. Another way to support customers is ensuring that any promised service is delivered as expected.

Make Your Customer Service Team Shine,

One a scale of one to 10 where do you think your company’s customer service lies? Most companies assume their efforts are good enough, without realising all the good they could do if they really upped their game compared to their competitors. If you want to partner with a company that will make great customer service a top priority for you, reach out to us today!

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