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How A Practical Accounting Training Enabled Me Get A Job

This is Rose’s story…

I cleared campus in 2017, with a second class honors (upper division) in Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting).

I sought to grow my accounting skills and therefore enrolled for a CPA soon after graduation. While undertaking my CPA course, I continued to actively look for a job.

My job search bore no fruits. I applied for numerous jobs in Accounting from internships to even volunteering – but nothing was forthcoming.

I was left with a question as to why I was not getting shortlisted for interviews. I even thought my CV was the problem.

After my CV was reviewed by CV Writing professionals, I used it and finally started getting shortlisted for interviews.

However, even after attending interviews, I just could not seem to land a job.

After every interview, I was left feeling unsure on whether I would get the job – and this turned out to be the case every time.

Whenever I walked into an interview room and would be asked whether I had any practical accounting skills, my confidence level would decrease before I could answer with a “no.”

How could I gain experience in my field when I could not even get a volunteering opportunity?

After attending 6 failed interviews, I was close to giving up.

As I researched on ways in which I could gain practical accounting skills, I stumbled upon a training that was promising just that.

It was a 5-day practical accounting skills training. I could not contain my excitement when I finally discovered that I had gotten exactly what I needed to help me stand out.

This training was extremely technical and aligned toward equipping accountants with practical skills in areas such as how to file taxes, doing bank reconciliations, online payroll processing among others.

I did not hesitate and immediately joined the 5-day training.

And need I say this is one of the best investments I have made in my career?

I was now well equipped with the practical accounting skills I did not previously have. I could now confidently file taxes, prepare a set of management accounts, do bank reconciliations among so many other things!

Soon after the training, some of us who were identified as the most proactive in the class were later on invited for an Accounting interview on the last day of the training.

I knew this was opportunity and I was not about to let it go!

On the same day, we had also been taken through the techniques of passing an interview and I knew this was my chance to implement what I had learnt.

And even though the interview was on short notice, I was now more confident than ever.

In an interview that lasted roughly 17 minutes, I was grilled on my technical skills as an accountant as well as my soft skills such as communication and problem solving skills.

After passing the first interview, I was referred for a second interview with the actual employer.

Everything they asked me about practical accounting skills I was able to confidently answer because I now had the skills!

You can imagine the anxiety when they said they’ll communicate back in a week’s time. That week felt like a year but when the HR call finally came, it was all good news!

After a year and a half of tarmacking and attending several failed interviews, I had finally secured a good internship with the possibility of permanent employment at a reputable firm in Kenya.

Had I known my career would break out as it did, I would have gone for the training much earlier!

Can you relate with Rose’s struggles?

Are you feeling helpless because you do not have the practical accounting skills employers want?

Enrol now for the 5 day practical accounting training and you too could secure your dream job.

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