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Frank Vacancies Legal Officer Job Nakuru

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1.       To ensure that the company has adhered to and complies with the laws and regulations of Kenya.

2.       To safeguard the interest and of the company through legal means

3.       To ensure that organizational legal matters are managed properly and efficiently and that the relevant and respective stakeholders of the company are properly advised and guided if and when necessary.

4.       To give accurate and timely counsel to the CEO/CFO, Board and Senior Management Team (HODs) on a variety of legal topics including but not limited to labour laws, the company corporate ventures

(and others) and corporate finance.

5.       Assist in risk management based on organizational matters when required to; also apply effective risk management techniques and offer pro-active advice in collaboration with CEO/CFO and Directors. 

6.       Co-ordinate with CEO/CFO and Senior Management for consultation and strategic direction with different departments for governance, risk, audit and compliance relating to contractual, legal and regulatory obligations of the company.

7.       Overseeing delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals, strategies and priorities.

8.       Ensure that proper corporate interactions with the relevant County and national government bodies and the community at large are maintained.

9.       To be responsible in and managing and working with the external panel of lawyers for the company.

10.   To ensure that the tenure of the panel of lawyers (if applicable) is efficiently managed and to review their commitment to the company.

11.   Co-ordination and briefing/discussions with lawyers for cases and to negotiate fee structures for external counsel.

12.   To deal with complex matters with multiple stakeholders together with the Directors when called upon.

13.   Maintain current knowledge on and give regular updates of alterations in legislation affecting THE COMPANY.

14.   Specify internal governance policies and regularly monitor compliance in collaboration with HODs.

15.   Manage and oversee the company’s commercial contracting purposes including contracts and legal forms and the legal documents repository at large.

16.   Provide legal assistance to the HR team on employment matters and contract drafting for employment and other related matters.

17.   Prepare and send legal notices to clients of the company and ensure proper filing of civil cases against debtors/or to strategize on way forward in collaboration with the CEO/CFO

18.   Follow up on court matters and provide timely updates on the same

19.   Management of consultant and supplier contracts in collaboration with relevant HODs. 

20.   Attend and participate in departmental and other meetings as and when required to do so. 

21.   Provide counsel, assistance and support in creation of structures and environments for ethical and legal compliances and to support enforcement of compliance policies across multiple business units that fall under the company.  

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