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CSS Technical Manager Job

Technical Manager Job, Current Engineering Jobs Kenya.

Technical Manager  

We are a leading private security solutions provider with a presence in all major urban centers within  the country. We specialize in providing professional integrated security products, services, and solutions. We seek to fill the aforementioned position. 

Job Description 

Overall Responsibilities: 

The Technical Manager is the process owner of the Technical and ICT Departments and has delegated  authority with respect to control, communication, maintenance and oversight of all resources and  activities of the Department. In view of this, the Technical Manager is therefore accountable for  responsibility to the Technical Director and CEO as detailed hereunder: 

As the officer authorized to incur expenditure, you are expected to: 

  • Carry out annual context of technical operations and identify challenges and opportunities that  affect delivery of products and services in the department. 
  • Quarterly review the context of technical operations and make relevant changes. 3. Deploy and redeploy resources in the department to meet and exceed the overall strategic,  tactical, and operational objectives of the Company. 
  • Ensure that all resources in the department are used economically and all technical–related activities are cost effective. 
  • Carry out security risk analysis in the department and document the operational security  framework, management, reporting, mitigation, and monitoring. 
  • Maintain a robust industrial intelligence network for sustenance of the strategic, tactical, and  technical objectives of the company. 

Budget – budgetary responsibilities as follows: 

  • Preparation and presentation of annual budgetary estimates for the on–going technical activities  to the management for review and approval. 
  • Preparation and presentation of actual cost effective budgetary requirements for new projects. 3. Quarterly review budgetary requirements to meet technical activities and provisions.


  • Communication – responsible for both internal and external communication as follows: 

Internal Communication – All staff members of the Department are thoroughly conversant  with: 

  • Strategic department and corporate objectives of the company.
  • Vision, Mission, and Values of the Company.
  • Promote a positive work culture and ethics in the Department with a focus on Diversity,  Equity, and Inclusion. 

External Communication

  • Stakeholders Communication – Maintain robust communication with other Departments  on all technical activities on a monthly basis
  • Interested Parties – At management level, provide relevant information on technical  operations to enhance confidence in the Company as a competitor in technical services. c) Client Information – Provide clients with periodic information on the integrity of the Company and New Products through activations and corporate literature to sustain the  reputation of the Company.  
  • Discipline – You will ensure that the highest discipline and conduct is sustained in the Department  by example. This includes prompt, impartial and firm disciplinary actions is taken against any  breach to the company code of conduct. All staff in the Department must know the consequences  of deficient performance. 
  • Deployment – You will ensure that deployment of resources in the department is rational, cost  effective and has the end state of revenue generation. 

Specific Responsibilities: 

Duty Roster 

  • You will ensure that there is an up to date leave forecast for the Department for the year. The same  should be updated should there be any changes. 
  • You will ensure that there are dedicated department staff with clear job expectations and  instructions for seamless service delivery to the clients. 

Service Level Agreements – You will ensure that all new clients have signed SLA and Client Files are  opened, updated, and maintained.  

Terminations of Contracts – You will authenticate all Termination Notices from technical clients and  escalate these to Finance Department. 

Standard Operating Procedures 

  • You will scan through and endorse the control room and response crews’ standard operating  procedures. In this capacity, you will ensure the standard operating procedures contain details of 


the duties and responsibilities of the crews’ and controllers. These should include penalties for  deficient performances.  

  • You will ensure relevant copies are made available in the control rooms and signed copies filed in  the staff files. 

Technical Duties 

  • Participating in reviewing existing technical processes and policies in line with ISO 9001:2015  requirements and ensure consistent implementation & improvement of both the processes and  policies in the company.  
  • Supervision coordination: you will be responsible for overlooking and supervising the staff under  you, as well as timely implement corrective actions on any areas needing improvement.  3. In liaison with the CEO and Business Development Manager, prospect for clients.  4. Oversee and coordinate all technical operations of the company. 
  • Provide independent and decisive entrepreneurial leadership of the technical wing within a  framework of prudent, ethical, and effective controls which enable risk and compliance to be  assessed and managed. 
  • Set the company’s technical strategic aims, ensure that the necessary financial and human resources  are in place for the company to meet its objectives. 
  • Set the company’s technical wing standards and ensure that its obligations to all are understood  and met. 
  • Facilitate the implementation of all projects and programs aimed at improving the overall  performance of both the department and company at large. 
  • Facilitate linkages with other departments and any other institution 
  • Lobby and pursue the board and any other relevant authorities to ensure approval and support on  critical issues  
  • Coordinate the conducting of pre installation of all prospective and, and installation of acquired  works and discuss the reports with the client(s) for implementation purposes, where necessary. 12. In liaison with the HR office, you will ensure that the department establishment is optimal and  rational at all times with the provision for off duty and annual leave. 
  • You will ensure that you personally attend to serious technical client complaints raised within 48  hours. 
  • You will compile monthly technical reports, as well as quarterly Management Review Reports for  the management with the same discussed with the CEO highlighting the department objectives,  business opportunities and challenges if any. Analysis on lost business if any showing the root  causes of the loss, corrections, corrective, and preventive measures implemented to mitigate future  loss. 
  • You will ensure that there is an updated client list of the technical clients with details of the contact  persons.  
  • You will update the CEO on pertinent activities and happenings within the department.  17. You will ensure that the Control Room is safe and manned 24/7.


Education & Experience 

  • Degree/Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering – Electronic/Telecommunication  Option. 
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in the technical industry, must be experienced in installation  and maintenance of Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Fire Alarm, Electric fence, etc.
  • Working experience in the private security industry and ISO Standards knowledge will be an added advantage. 

Other Skills and Qualifications 

  • Exceptional communication skills, commitment, resourcefulness, results oriented and self driven. 
  • Customer Focus, Initiative, Interpersonal Skills, Self-Management, Sales Skills Technical Survey skills, Computer skills. 
  • Must have problem solving skills 
  • Proficiency in English 
  • Flexible in meeting customer needs. May include use of logistics such as motorcycles or  vehicles

The ideal candidate for the above position should also be a team player with drive and  initiative and demonstrate ability to achieve results. 

Job Location: Nyanza/Western region, though the officer will be required to frequently travel to other cities and towns. 

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