Corporate Affairs

  • To oversee and manage the development and implementation of internal and external communications strategies, in order to foster a positive image of the company.
  • To work with the global and regional communications structures to implement the Group’s communications strategies in the East & Central Africa Area markets, and inter-alia, where relevant, to ensure alignment with the Group in the management of local communications strategies.
  • To provide communications advice and both strategic and operational communications support to all legal and external affairs entities, other business functions and key project teams.
  • Analyse and interpret information relating to activities, issues and events potentially impacting upon the business.  Manage any remedial actions required to ensure the reputation of the company is not adversely affected.


  • To oversee and manage the development and implementation of the company’s sustainability strategies to benefit society, build positive stakeholder relationships, whilst strengthening the company’s value chain and value proposition.
  • Ensure that our sustainability actions result in the company being regarded as responsible and being compliant with all relevant laws, codes and practices associated with this area of activity.
  • Ensure the company’s Transforming Tobacco objectives, are achieved using sustainable, “whole of business approaches”, working with all relevant functions in the company.
  • Deliver a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy that is aligned to the BAT Group’s focus areas for its markets, underpinned by real community needs and sustainable business actions.
  • Analyse and interpret information relating to activities, issues and events potentially impacting upon the business.  Manage any remedial actions required to ensure the reputation of the company is not adversely affected.
  • Network internally and externally to ensure that the company gains from experiences, maintains a visible and high profile and is recognised as “best-in-class” in the areas of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.
  • Manage external agencies to deliver great work and in-line with requirements set out by the company.

Media Relations

  • Ensure that the media relations strategies in the market effectively support the corporate goal of reassuring stakeholders that the company is meeting its commercial objectives in a manner consistent with reasonable public expectations of a responsible tobacco company
  • Perform an effective media spokesperson role; speaking about all aspects of the business with a similar fluency as the Senior Manager, Government Affairs.
  • Raise the company’s familiarity and favourability ratings among key journalists, ensuring that the company is seen by journalists as the preferred source of reliable information on tobacco issues.  Ensure key designates are briefed, equipped and trained to perform as spokespeople to highest standards.  Manage analytical evaluation of media coverage to measure progress against the media coverage indicator dashboard.

 Internal Communications

  • Provide strategic direction and focus on internal and external communications programmes and platforms, in realising business objectives.
  • Crises and Issues Communications Management
  • Manage business continuity and crisis communications, representing LEX on the Risk Management Committee and Business Recovery Control Team.
  • Participate in the development of crises and issues preparedness, protocols and systems, and in the management of simulation exercises to ensure that the company is fully prepared to handle adverse situations, and that spokespeople are fully trained.
  • Provide the senior management team with appropriate, strategic communications advice during the management of issues & crises.

 Corporate Brand

  • Ensure that the enhancement, articulation and governance of the corporate brand as well as all brand building executions, internal and external, adhere to the corporate brand guidelines and values, thus reinforcing the company’s desired positioning as a responsible tobacco company amongst the key stakeholders.
  • Corporate events (internal and external)
  • Provide strategic direction and focus in the management and execution of all corporate events in line with the stakeholder management strategy, corporate brand and reputation initiatives.


  • Contribute to communications skills development for the LEX function via participation and hosting of courses, workshops and the production and global dissemination of Best Practice resources.
  • To participate in the development of communication strategies and plans, in conjunction with the Senior Manager, Government Affairs.
  • To ensure that there are, in place, awareness and education programmes for all levels of staff to ensure that they fully understand, and have access to, the company’s views on regulatory, compliance matters and media protocol.

 Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

  • To develop and periodically review, our CSI strategy to ensure we promote and demonstrate the company’s corporate social responsibility, which delivers against reasonable stakeholder expectations.
  • To work with cross functional teams to develop and implement industry related CSI programmes and projects that support the achievement of sensible regulation and positive reputation,

 People Results

  • To ensure all LEX members understand and support the overall strategies to be carried out in terms of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.
  • Engage with the other functions to ensure that internal and external communications and sustainability initiatives are carried out timely and effectively. Encourage cross-functional teamwork to enable business integration and delivery of the tasks.
  • To effectively guide ECALT and relevant Committees in all reporting processes necessary for compliance and to ensure global best practice.
  • To motivate all employees through the communication of the importance of corporate affairs and sustainability initiatives within the organisation.
  • To ensure a complete understanding of stakeholder needs in coordinating the design and implementation of all Corporate Affairs and Sustainability initiatives with particular emphasis on the Corporate Brand, Reputation Management and Sustainability.
  • To build trust and network effectively with internal and external stakeholders so as to motivate buy-in and support for all Corporate Affairs and Sustainability projects  thereby improving our corporate reputation.
  • To share knowledge and learning across BAT by active participation in global, regional and local Corporate Affairs and Sustainability projects.


  • Degree in communications or international relations
  • 6 – 8 years’ experience in a consultancy or in-house function in the areas of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, including spokesperson experience.
  • Experience in project management
  • Extensive business experience in a FMCG environment (added advantage)
  • Demonstrate the ability to build strong relationships with priority stakeholders.
  • Strong management and leadership qualities; able to advise and counsel peers and senior management on sustainability, communications and regulatory issues and reputation management; applying strong strategic and analytical skills.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communications are essential.

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