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CFK Trainer Job (All Staff)


Through a rigorous Learning and Development Program guided by experts The Organization intends to improve employee productivity and relations by ensuring they have a better understanding of the organizational strategic focus and direction as well as resilience. In addition, the employees will also develop better relations through a better management.

Specific Tasks

Under this section, the proposed methods for organizing the trainings/workshops will be identified. Under the supervision and in close co-operation with CFK the expert will implement the following tasks:

  • Creation and submission of the training methodology for short and intensive sessions limited to a duration of 2 days.
  • Developing a training schedule in consultation with CFK.
  • Based on the adopted methodology and training/workshop schedule, conduct the training/workshop.
  • Develop learning tools/materials that would foster interaction
  • Conduct the evaluation of the training/workshop.
  • Write and submit training reports and recommendations.
  • The facilitator will be engaged to conduct one training /workshop for each session.

Expected Outcome

The trainer is expected to undertake the following key sessions for approximately 70-partcipants in various categories based on the relevance of the course;

  • Mentoring and coaching (15 staff in leadership roles)
  • Conflict resolution (15 staff in leadership roles)
  • Leadership and supervision (15 staff in leadership roles)
  • Report writing skills (15 staff in leadership roles)
  • Presentation skills (15 staff in leadership)
  • Emergency planning and management (70 staff)
  • Stress management (70 staff)
  • Self-Management strategies/self-confidence (70 staff)
  • Interpersonal relationships and communication (70 staff)
  • First Aid (11 staff)

Project timelines

The project is expected to commence on September 15, 2021 through 31st November for 21days.

Trainer/Facilitator deliverables

Upon selection, the consultant is expected to submit the Training Inception Report before commencement Including strategy and proposed methodologies, as well as quality assurance plan. Thereafter, they will be expected to facilitate the workshop and offer technical advice and support to participants. Finally, they will be required to submit a final report on the Implementation of the task within 5-days of finishing the workshops.

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