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Act Change Transform (Act!) is a local Non-Governmental Organization whose mission is to facilitate the empowerment of marginalized people and communities in Kenya and neighboring countries, to become active participants in their development by enabling them to: stand up for their rights; demand good governance in the management of resources; and participate in decision making processes. Act! does this through implementing partners, offering them capacity development, management of grants so that value for money is achieved and providing strategic leadership in national advocacy for the benefit of women, youth, people with disabilities and other marginalized communities.

Job Summary

The main responsibilities revolve around managing information throughout the project cycle, ensuring that project design takes into account relevant indicators, data collection, analysis and utilization, supporting Implementing partners track results at output, outcome and impact level, ensuring data quality in all programs within the officers domain, compilation of partner reports into a format that is consumable and integrating MERL as an organizational practice.

Key Responsibilities:

Internal MER&L function

  • Contribute to the design and continuous review of the program’s Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP).
  • Oversee design of the program’s database(s) to monitor and pro-actively track all performance indicators established in the PMP.
  • Manage and conduct overall data collection process of all project indicators.
  • In liaison with MER&L team, design and deliver MER&L trainings to partners.
  • Develop and disseminate basic MER&L training materials for program use, among staff and partners.
  • Work with technical staff in preparation of the monthly, quarterly and annual program reports.
  • Participate in organizing and conducting external evaluation exercises.
  • Participate in setting program performance targets in line with overall strategic goals of the program.
  • Take the lead role in tracking grantees progress in achieving outcomes and impacts.
  • Participate in quarterly and other scheduled program performance review meetings.
  • Share information and lessons learnt with other program staff.

MERL Team support

  • Collate and develop detailed quarterly and monthly project work plans for the program and track implementation of the same, on a monthly basis.
  • Support MERL Manager to coordinate program teams to ensure compliance with all reporting & MER&L requirements of the program.
  • Review monthly cumulative indicator performance tracking data (from Indicator Performance Tracking Tool – IPTT and all quarterly reports submitted by the program partners for compliance and data adequacy.
  • File final cumulative data to track achievements against targets (from IPTT) for all partners.
  • Develop a summary and analysis of overall MER&L data each quarter.
  • Prepare a summary of the partners’ needs and issues for follow up derived from quarterly reports and track responses.
  • Provide direction in documentation of “success stories” and other anecdotal information to enhance the overall quality of performance reports to the donors.
  • Provide support in designing, planning and delivery of all program technical trainings.

Partners support

Overall, provide accompaniment, mentoring and training to program partner’s MER&L officers as appropriate and on demand. Specific support would include:-

  • Support the development of Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting and Learning (MER&L) processes, tools and plans for partners and grant recipients – including online planning and reporting system.
  • Provide support to local partners and grant recipients in the implementation of their MER&L plans through the life of the project.
  • Ensure compliance in data management and quality.
  • Assist partners in design and implementation of mid-term and end term evaluations, in particular TORs, consultants’ selection and quality control of process and final reports.

Qualification, Experience and Skills:

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in appropriate or any other related discipline in e.g. social sciences, anthropology, developmental studies. A Post graduate degree will be an added advantage.

Professional Qualifications

A diploma or equivalent in Project Management or relevant qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation**.**

Indicative level of Experience

Minimum 4 years’ experience in MERL.

Essential Skills and Competencies

Thorough knowledge of socio-economics, socio-anthropology and/or proven ability in participatory methods and processes:

  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment requiring multi-tasking.
  • Knowledge of policy influences and institutional practices.
  • Knowledge of statistical software applications.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Good people skills, writing and reporting skills.
  • Willingness to travel frequently.

Complexity and difficulty of the work

  • A demanding job that requires tolerance, community knowledge, project area and local political dynamics.

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