5 Advanced Excel Tricks You’ll Thank Us For Sharing

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Jobs In Kenya

Microsoft Excel is one vital tool that professionals across various industries use. However, few have the skills to navigate it quickly and efficiently. Today we share some of our favorite tricks that will make working on spreadsheets a piece of cake.

 Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some of the most useful ones:

|Ctrl + A|: will select all of the data

|Ctrl + C|: will copy the selected data (or object)

|Ctrl + V|: will paste the copied data (or object)

|Ctrl + End|: will take you to the last cell of your data

|Ctrl + Home|: will take you to the first cell of your data

|Ctrl + Up Arrow|: will take you to the first cell of your active column

|Ctrl + Down Arrow|: will take you to the last cell of your active column

|Shift + Space|: will select row(s) of your active cell(s)

|Ctrl + Space|: will select column(s) of your active cell(s)

|Shift + Space|: will select row(s) of your active cell(s)

 Copy Values

To speed up copying only values and not the formulas, use this keyboard shortcut sequence:

|Ctrl + A| to select the whole range of data (or select your range with the help of the mouse)

|Ctrl + C| to copy the data

in your destination, press |Alt + E|, then |S|, then |V|, and then |Enter|

The whole sequence is:

Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, Alt + E, S, V, Enter

Shift Between Different Excel Files

If you are working on different spreadsheets, shifting between them can be cumbersome. It can also cause you to make errors by inputting data on the wrong spreadsheet.

Using Ctrl + Tab you can shift between different files freely.

Input Values that start with 0

Excel automatically deletes the zero from any value you input that begins with zero. Rather than resetting the Format Cells, the quickest way to solve this is adding a single quote mark ahead of the first zero e.g ‘0722.

Add More Than One New Row or Column

You may know the way to add one new row or column, but it really wastes a lot of time if you need to insert more than one of these by repeating this action X number of times.

The best way is to drag and select X rows or columns (X is two or more) if you want to add X rows or columns above or left.

Right click the highlighted rows or columns and choose Insert from the drop down menu. New rows will be inserted above the row or to the left of the column you first selected.

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