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5 Accounting Mock Interview Questions

Have you been attending interviews and never hearing back from the interviewer? Have you been invited for second interviews but end up not getting the job offer?

Any interview can make you cold feet no matter how much of an expert you are in that field. This is the only time when you feel when you have to give your best because your selection is based on that.

Although accounting is a vast field and no answer can cover all the interview questions, you can prepare for some common accounting interview questions and ace your interview.

Here are questions to expect in an accounting interview:

1. Tell us about yourself

When answering this question, talk about your recent work experience and how it relates to the position you are interviewing for.

Secondly, talk about your areas of expertise and your achievements and how they relate to the job you are applying for.

Lastly you can talk about relevant education and any other value adding certificates you might possess e.g. training in sage & pastel, QuickBooks etc.

2. Have you helped reduce cost at an organization?

This is your moment of glory, give two top examples that will go on to show you are a great asset. “Brag” in a modest manner about how you helped your current/previous organization reduce their costs.

For example, “During my first 60 days in office at my XYZ organization, I was able to identify many accounts payables that we could do away with and others we could get cheaper alternatives. For example, the amount of the monthly parking fee we were paying at our office building was so high. I was able to find alternative parking in the building next to our office for a quarter of what we were paying monthly”.

If you don’t have the experience, think of a time you made a judgment call either during your internship period or campus days that you helped someone or even yourself save money. Ride on this and make it count.

3. What do you know about the company?

Concentrate on the latest news about the company. If, for example, the company is expanding, mention that you have seen that company ABC has opened new branches which creates new positions and that you are looking forward to getting a chance to work with them.

4. How do you minimize risk errors in your work?

In the accounting profession, you cannot afford slip-ups as they can cause an organization millions of shillings and even cost you your career. Nobody will want to hire a sloppy person and the employer will want to see how you normally go about ensuring accuracy is always achieved.

When tackling this question during an interview, talk about how you always double-check your work and ask a fellow finance team member to review it for you before submission. For example, “I have a keen eye for details where I always ensure that I double-check my work and ask a member of my team to review the work for me before I can submit”.

This answer will kill two birds with one stone. You will have answered the main interview question and smartly showcased that you are a team player.

5. Why did you apply for this job?

To answer this question, talk about the position aligning well with your experience. You can also mention that it’s a position that will allow you to grow in terms of responsibilities.

Another way to answer the question is mentioning that the company’s values and its reputation in the market attracted you to apply for the job.

Do you have an upcoming interview and would like to be well prepared? Taking up a mock interview coaching session will greatly increase your confidence and make you better prepared to pass the interview. 

Reach out to an interview coach for a mock interview coaching session. 

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